Our values are our guiding principle

cTRU creates value for all

We always look at all our stakeholders. Beginneng whit the client, to any individual including us and to TRU Systems as an organization. We look after our partners, investors, advisors, customers and the market at large.

cTRU changes existing systems to the better

This is our altruistic approach. We look at the positive aspects of our customers businesses. We focus on the benefits which we can create. Whether we are changing systems at small or at large, we enable improvement and positive growth. We are convinced that in short and long, TRUly altruistic business models will succeed, as they are adopted and loved by communities and business relevant sized crowds of clients and customers. Thus it creates opportunities for brands and their representatives for improving their business case.

cTRU values resources

We are smart, efficient and highly productive. We work intelligent, resourceful and plan effect conscious. We look at our goals and our tasks and find the best way to manage them, with our best knowledge, or to acquire important knowledge, or with the best possible help. Our “math” in doing the best possible job never remains a personal calculation.

cTRU creates trust

Our corporate behavior is based on respect and good communication. We are open, calm and clear. We dive into important moments and help each other to succeed. All we do can be known to everyone who wishes to know. This is how we remain transparent, trustworthy and obliged to our and our customers clients.

cTRU is inviting and approachable

Transparency is maintained by various steps. Insightful induction plans are available for all stakeholders. They include both the cultural (over all this Charta) as well as the business aspects. We take into consideration that with time change as an organization and that everyone around us changes too. Thus, creating a constant need for adapting. Hence, throughout our organization, we regularly challenge ourselves by controlling and questioning our standards and routines and by continuously improving them.

TRU Systems is a true team and makes your team stronger

We have a common goal, which is to make cTRU a success, by creating value (material and immaterial), based on values (the guiding principles of cTRU).

Every member of our team lives up to this Charta, as well as to her or his personal role in the company. To be fair and reliable, remain curious and resourceful, open and polite, are personal attributes we cherish and support.